What Percentage of My Savings Should I Invest in Gold And Silver ?

If you own paper money with a bank, there is still time to take it out and invest in real gold and/or silver. An investment in gold is for the long term. It shouldn’t be looked upon as something that will return a profit in a few weeks or months. Silver, on the other hand, is for risk-takers, with higher highs and lower lows.

Many precious metal investors like to split their investments between gold and silver, benefiting from the advantages that both of these metals bring to the table.

Our recommendation is to invest up to 80% of your savings in gold and silver, with a 50/50 ratio. Silver is much more volatile than gold but has much more growth potential. In fact, the historical gold/silver ratio average was 1:15, which means that you could buy 15 ounces of silver for every one ounce of gold. Today, however, one ounce of gold can buy 54 ounces of silver. If volatility doesn’t scare you, invest a little more in silver than gold, as it could benefit you in the long-run.

Sell Real Estate to Invest in Gold?

Yes. If you own some real estate then you should consider exchanging it for gold, but not if it is your own home, of course. The time when people had easy access to credit is over. You can’t borrow money to buy property anymore, not to the extent that you could in the past anyway. With fewer buyers, the price of real estate is going to decrease. There may be times when it takes a turn in the other direction, but overall, bricks-and-mortar is not the investment opportunity that it once was, regardless of where you live.