Investing In Certified Coins and Ingots

When investing in a physical gold bar, you need to be absolutely sure that what you are buying is as pure as it can be, and that the quality is high. In most cases, a gold ingot comes with an assay certificate, on which the following will be displayed, regardless of the weight of the ingot:

  • Gross weight
  • Serial number
  • Gold content (99,5% fine gold minimum)
  • The name of the Mint
  • Assayer’s signature

As an example of a certificate for a ten-ounce ingot. The ingot’s serial number is 007277, the weight is 10 ounces, and its content is 99,9% fine gold. The mint and assayer is Valcambi SA, and the assayer’s signature is in the right bottom of the certificate.

Some ingots may arrive without a certificate. In such cases, simply have it assayed again.

What is the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)?

The London Bullion Market is the largest global market of physical gold and silver, supervised by the Bank of England. Most of its members are either large international banks or bullion dealers, and there are also some refiners. When buying gold ingots, ask your dealer which market they acquired the ingots from. Gold ingots from the LBMA have never left the secured vault system, so you can be certain of the quality of your gold.