What Is the Best Way to Invest in Gold And Silver ?

For your investment to be secure and successful, there is only one way to buy gold and silver. It has nothing to do with buying ETFs, because banks sell these without having enough physical gold in their vaults to cover all orders, and if the bank goes bankrupt, you can’t turn that ETF into real gold. Why take such a risk when you can buy real, physical gold?

As things stand right now, the safest way to buy silver and gold is to buy from a specialist dealer, one with experience, and not a bank.

Where to Store Gold and Silver?

If you plan on buying large quantities, we suggest you store your gold outside your country of residence. This means you can avoid any risk of confiscation by the government. That might sound far-fetched, but it has happened before, and not just in third-world countries. It actually happened in the US on April 5th, 1933.

Also, do not store your physical gold at the bank; store it outside the banking system to avoid all risk. If the bank in which you’ve stored your gold goes bankrupt, you may never see your gold again. Also, your access is restricted, as you can only get to the gold during regular banking hours, and safety deposit boxes are not insured against theft.

Although many experts will advise you to keep gold at home, at Silvergoldinvestment.net we advise to the contrary. If you keep gold in your home then you’re exposing yourself to theft, fire, flooding and much more. Of course, you could keep a few gold and silver coins at home, should a crisis arise, but most of it should be stored with professionals.

After all, if you can play it safe, why take unnecessary risks?